Now selling Black Swamp Percussion Instruments

Now selling Black Swamp Percussion Instruments

6th Mar 2021

We are delighted to announce that we have expanded our catalogue of instruments to now include Black Swamp! 

Following on from the popularity of the instruments from Centre Stage, we felt it was time to look to venture out to other manufacturers to be able to offer a broader selection of instruments for our customers. Black Swamp was an obvious choice for us as they have been a market leader for several decades now - and what a journey it has been, ever since their humble beginnings in 1994 out of a basement of a rented house in Bowling Green, Ohio, to the percussion giants they are today. 

"BSP Performance Pack, model #BSPack1"

Very well known for their tambourines and triangles amongst other products, Black Swamp produce quality instruments from snare drums to multi bass drums to castanets and even log drums. They are always looking to expand and develop their range of products, so keep an eye out for updates from us! 

Please take some time to look around our website at the products we display here. We are constantly updating our website, so if there is a Black Swamp product you would like but don't see it here, just reach out to us and we will for sure be able to get it for you!

Check out their Tambourine Buying Guide video here:

To learn more about their range of triangles, go here: